Real Estate Games for Kids

Buy and sell properties, make a thriving LEGO city, and clean up a mess or germs. You can also build stable structures, or use dynamite to blow up structures.

  • Build the buildings needed to create a thriving metropolis.
  • Dig for hidden minipieces which can be used to build unique building types available in each zone.
  • Collect taxes from each building to fund further development & more digs.
  • Each building requires you to have enough LEGO stud savings to buy it along with the needied minipieces.
  • Unlock each of the six zones of the city by filling each zone with 25 buildings.
  • Each zone has its own unique LEGO pieces and building types with their own earning schedules.
  • Ensure each zone has at least one police office and fire department so you can protect the citizens.
  • Put out fires and stop burglaries to earn extra rewards.

Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble is a simple physics puzzle video game which also encourages recycling.

General Game Structure

  • The first two levels act as tutorials.
  • Initially only the first level is unlocked, but as you progress through the game you can open multiple paths up inside each zone so if you are stuck on a particular level you can take the alternate path and then later come back to complete any levels you missed.
  • Play through 22 levels spread across 3 areas: Hero Elementary, Downtown, and Citytown Park.

Blue Levels

  • Use all the building pieces from the left side to build a stable treehouse.
  • Pieces which are laid into the puzzle may be laid as is or rotated an arbitrary degree.
  • Use the down arrow at the bottom of the screen to test the stability of your creation. You can use this after placing each individual piece or a number of pieces at once.
  • When all pieces have been laid click on the roof to drop it in place.

Red Levels

  • Remove unneeded extra pieces from an existing treehouse to recycle them.
  • Click on a piece to remove it, then click the down arrow at the bottom of the screen to recycle it.
  • The meter at the bottom left shows how many pieces need removed and is full when the correct number of pieces have been removed.
  • The treehouse should remain balanced with the roof remaining on throughout the entirety of the process.

Kingdoms Wars is a virtual board game which was inspired by Monopoly.

  • You start with 500 in savings and earn 50 each time you pass go.
  • Roll the dice and land on a property. If the property is available for purchase you can buy it. If someone else already owns it you pay rent. The initial rents are fairly low until the plots have homes on them.
  • After you move your turn does not end until you click the button to end it. You can still purchase homes for your properties & purchase land from other owners.
  • When you own a set of 3 properties in a row you can build houses on them, which dramatically increases their rents.
  • If another player owns a land you can purchase it off of them, however the repurchase price is dramatically inflated over the original purchase price.
  • If your cash savings goes negative you have to sell off houses or properties to raise funds.
  • The goal of the game is to drive the 3 competing computer players into bankruptcy before they are able to bankrupt you.

In Real Estate Tycoon property prices rise and fall. Your goal is to profit from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high.

In general most buildings rise in value when they first appear in a fairly straight line, then cool off and slow down their appreciation before turning south. As you get further into the game buildings appear more quickly and some buildings cycle in price multiple times.

This game does not have all the gritty details of the real estate market like borrowing money at interest, property cap rates, broader economic cycles and shifts in credit conditions, supply and demand across sectors, and so on.

Instead it is an oversimplified game for kids, but helps children manage their attention and track trends.

As more expensive buildings appear it is generally better to focus on tightly managing the entries and exits on a few big buildings rather than managing a portfolio of smaller and cheaper buildings which are hard to track in the aggregate as your attention splits.

This game has 3 modes

  • Career Mode: Start with a small sum of money and reach a final goal amount on each level by repeatedly trading properties.
  • Time Trial Mode: Try to reach an earnings goal within a limited period of time.
  • Endless Mode: Buy and sell endlessly in an idle game with no time limit or earnings goal.

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