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These activities are easy to implement in the classroom or at home. Activities come with teacher guides and supporting student materials, making them accessible to teachers or parents of all experience levels. Whether you are an experienced personal finance teacher, integrating financial literacy into another subject area, or supplementing your existing financial education curriculum, these activities can be a valuable addition to your classroom or at home.

Elementary School Grades K-5

Curious George Episodes | PBS KIDS Shows | PBS KIDS for Parents

Use the lovable character Curious George to capture your students’ attention while teaching about personal finance and economics.

Ideal for: Middle School/ High School(Grades 6-12)

 Ideal for: Grades 6-12

Students take a short survey to assess their current money skills and identify areas where they can improve their financial management.

Hamilton’s National Bank

Students participate in two rounds of a role play to help them understand the role of banks in facilitating economic growth through loans.

 Ideal for: Grades 6-12

Students learn about entrepreneurship by reading a story about entrepreneurs and creating a comic strip about starting a business.


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