7 money mistakes millionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates don’t make—that average people do all the time

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Millionaires are not immune to making financial mistakes, but they are definitely more careful with their money than the average person. Here are seven money mistakes that millionaires never make:

  1. They don’t waste money on fees. Millionaires know that fees can add up over time, so they take steps to avoid them. This includes paying their bills on time, avoiding overdraft fees, and using credit cards that offer no annual fee.
  2. They don’t ignore their credit score. A good credit score can save you money on interest rates and make it easier to get loans. Millionaires know this and they make sure to keep their credit scores in good shape.
  3. They don’t spend impulsively. Millionaires are careful shoppers and they don’t buy things they don’t need. They also avoid impulse purchases, which can lead to debt.
  4. They don’t fall for marketing ploys. Millionaires are savvy consumers and they don’t fall for marketing tricks. They do their research before making a purchase and they don’t buy things just because they’re on sale.
  5. They don’t try to beat the market. Millionaires know that it’s difficult to beat the market in the long run. Instead, they invest in index funds, which track a specific market index and offer lower fees than actively managed funds.
  6. They don’t have just one source of income. Millionaires have multiple streams of income, which helps to protect them financially. This could include a job, investments, or a side hustle.
  7. They don’t keep up with the Joneses. Millionaires don’t feel the need to buy expensive things just to impress others. They focus on living a comfortable lifestyle that they can afford.

Building and maintaining wealth can be hard, it’s important to avoid these common money mistakes. By following the advice of millionaires, you can set yourself up for financial success.

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